Erotic videogame starring... Orugaloca !!!

Interview with Orugaloca / TEG

  Name : Ladoyska
Nickname : OrugaLoca ( "CrazyCaterpillar" )
Place and born date : Lima, Feb. 14
Organs donation : No
Wishful death : Incineration
Boyfriend : None
Virginal status: Can't remember

Movie director : Almodovar and Hithcock
Music : Rock of '80 and Latin Jazz
Cartoons : Oggy and the Cockroaches
Videogame : Tetris
First game console : Atari 2600 (Space Invaders)

- How you joined to Twin Eagles Group? And when what's that?

Mister Byte and I - without knowing - have a common friend, Hans G. He introduced me to Mr.Byte on January 2001 explaining that his group needed a girl for public relations (RRPP) and to present videogame projects to some peruvian companies. I had a full time job, but I accepted because I was very interested in this atypic kind of job. That was how I met T.E.G., though my little sisters already knew the group by some friends and an interview published on PC World Per´┐Ż.

- Did you were scared at the beginning?

Of course, since I have to fight the big prejudgments in our business environment and the survival of the group depended strongly from my performance. I personally felt the hard task that means innovate in our country mainly because managers (and also marketing managers) that think videogames are only for kids and that in our market the young and adult does not have too much interest on this kind of fun. Also there are those who say that the social economical class A is the only one with computers and that the size of class B and C are not significant. I question how does this companies could progress if they dont understand the preferences and interests of our generation.

- What means your nickname"OrugaLoca" ?

It means Crazy (Loca) Caterpillar (Oruga). That's because I am on an personal transformation stage, and the "crazy" stands because I like to do original and crazy things. This game probes what I am saying.

- How does the idea " Samba De Oruga " came out ?

Let me see if I remember well. Mister Byte always had the idea to make an erotic game. One day, on the beginning of the year 2001 we were walking with Ozamu and Araliss on Plaza San Miguel and we passed to visit a friend that years ago was involved too in the videogame development in Peru. Alex showed us Sex Bomb Bunny, a funny game recently programmed by a spanish coding group for an old 8-bit computer console (MSX). A very simple game and so funny as Pac Man, but the interesting thing was the erotic pictures of Z-0, one of the group female members. What we saw was the original version on diskette enclosed in a little plastic box and printed manual. In other words, a home production of very high quality. Then I realized that Mister Byte's idea to make an erotic game was not so weird. The months passed and I finally was convinced.

- And how you felt in the photography sessions?

On the beginning very unconfortable because never in my life I was saw naked by so many people in a closed room. Nooooooo, i am just kidding!!! I was nervous, but I was turning confortable with the idea. But, I only let a single person to take me the photos. I would liked the photos to be more exotic, body and hair painted, different backgrounds, but due to short time and limited budget we had to be very limited. But who knows, maybe we will have a second version of the video game and then we improve things?

- But did you really posed nude?

What do you think? May be you want to see the negatives? Oh, but that was with a digital camera.

- And how much did you received for exposing your body in this game? Or just a roast chicken?

Or may be a plate of chinese fried rice on the chinese restaurant that we always go at Residencial San Felipe. I can't really tell you how much I received because agreements with my clients are very very privated, he he. Seriously, I made it for the cause!!! and also for the sandwich-sell-cart that I've been promised...

- Your virginal integrity was injured while developing this videogame?

I guess not, but tomorrow I will take an appoinment with the gynecologist.

- And your fathers, what they told to you about all this?

Truth is that I have not already told them. I am waiting for a good time to tell them. But in case things go worst I have my sleeping bag ready to move to the park, a safest place.

- And your little sisters what do they say?

They know that my moral values are very well defined.

- Then why you did it?

For three reasons: First, break out the traditional schemes and to demonstrate that is not necesary to have artificial tits or buts to awake sex desire, much times showing natural things awakes imagination better. Second motive was for personal reasons, I needed a change in my life and what better opportunity than to assume this challenge. And the most important, I MADE IT FOR OUR CODING GROUP because we need to gain enough money to continue game developments. Remember that last year we're cheated by our publisher and now we're in a very bad financial situation.

- And the other members? There will be a version of this game for girls?

Some of them will never make it even if wearing skimal clothes but who knows, crazyness is very unpredictable. Yeah, definitively we will be needing a woman version, but Mister Byte couldnt pose because he was working hard on the code. It was luck if we managed to complete this game, considering the problems in our coding group, or better said what remains of our group. But if we are going to have a second edition of this game then there will not be more excuses...

- And the last question, what's your top sexual fantasy?

Uhmmm... lets go together to discover it...!!!

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