Erotic videogame starring... Orugaloca !!!

Comments about Samba De Oruga

What say people who already bought the game?
Patrick Henz - "One of the things I like most in the game is, that its not only featuring these [Orugaloca's] photos, but is really the best Tetris-clone I have ever played. Can imagine that it was not easy for you to convince Orugaloca to puse nude for the game. May be you should do that too for your female buyers."
Pedro Arroyo - "The game Samba De Oruga is very good."
Freddy Navarro - "I wasn't a fan of Tetris-like games but with Samba De Oruga I changeD my mind and quickly I stepped each highscore position. At beginning its Power-Ups confused me but then I realized how them worked and which were useful to me. Now each time I'm closer to see Oruga NAKED."
Carlos Morales - "It is a little game but it is very addictive with the new features you added. Power-Ups are really cool! I played with my friends for many hours... it is funny to play in 2 players mode so each one must use power-ups against the other. When time ago you announced Oruga would pose for an erotic game I thought it was a joke, buy I see now it was not. She looks pretty!"
Mario Alvarez - "HaHaHaHaHa!!!!! So you really managed to make Oruga pose for this game!!!! It is incredible, I mean not for its complexity (after all it's just a tetris) but in the way you guys did it very funny to play!!!!!! And who was of the idea to include a condom???? When I opened the cd it was the first thing I saw together with my girlfriend and both laught. Congratulations for the great idea of making a tetris so special. I hope sales goes good and you guys continue developing videogames in original cds, it would be good for our scene."
Jose Antonio Punchin - " The game is good and I hope you have good sales. Could it be that [Orugaloca] was forced to pose nude 24 hours at day? Lucky that it was in summer otherwise she could feel cold. The game is very good, call me when you release another one."
Sergio Aguayo - "I don't like very much Tetris-style games, but the Power-Ups which Samba De Oruga features made this game more addictive to play, even for those who don't like this kind of games. Music, graphics (and photos!!!) and the game itself is excellent. I even liked more than KOP2, althought is other game style."
Mario Caillahuz - "Samba de oruga is the most complete variation of tetris I ever played. Its quality is far better than others, either the playabiltiy, adiction, graphics and music. The 2 players option is great. If you played tetris-like games definitevly you should try this version because is the best of all availables in the market. Really is a deluxe version of tetris."
Heinz Toskano - "Samba De Oruga is fuc**ng good!!!!! One of the best Tetris-like games I played. I say that, a real fan of Tetris games."

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